Make your pool crystal clear and sparkling blue with the Mermaid Pool Purifier

Everyone is looking for low maintenance pool care. The Mermaid Pool Purifier proves to be the perfect solution by taking the hassle out of pool maintenance.

The mermaid exists to help you make your pool crystal clear and not green and not cloudy. It ensures that every pool is sparkling clean to be enjoyed for as long as possible throughout the year. The Mermaid purifies your pool and reduces pool chemical usage and general pool maintenance.

Low maintenance pool care

The Mermaid Pool Purifier makes is possible for you to enjoy a low maintenance pool.

Its a fact that us South Africans enjoy and love our pools, it’s a place to relax and have fun.Years of pool ownership has refined our specific pool demands. Based on our pool cleaning experience, we have came to learn that there are only three requirements to make a pool the perfect pool. 

The Mermaid meets these “perfect clear pool” requirements

  • The Mermaid ensures that you will enjoy a clean and sparkling pool more days of the year. 
  • Enjoy more time in your pool than time cleaning your pool. The Mermaid is the most effortless Pool Purifier around and extremely easy to use.
  • Finally The Mermaid is a save and affordable purifier that won’t compromise the health and comfort of your family by maintaining perfect water balance.

This is the reason that when pool owners consider a pool maintenance supplier they do not want to merely consider the cost of service but also want to limit the work effort required to bring about a cleaner and safer pool.



Photo of the Mermaid Pool Purifier

The mermaid pool purifier uses as unique dual purification process to ensure your pools water is as clear and fresh as drinking water. Read How it works.


Installation take less than 60 min. NO building, breaking or digging up you garden.The mermaid pool purifier consists of an electronic unit that is placed inside your pump housing and connected to the timer switch. Read more about the Mermaid Pool Purifier installation process.


The most cost effective and effortless pool purifier

The mermaid pool purifier has been able to dramatically reduce the cost / effort ratio by focusing our efforts on 4 key areas:

  1. We are able to reduce your pool chemical usage by up to 95%
  2. We are able to ensure the water you swim in is almost as pure as water you can drink
  3. We help you to save up to 60% on the cost of maintaining your pool
  4. Virtually no effort needed to maintain your pool after installation of The Mermaid


Once off installation fee: P.O.A

Replacement cost of electrodes (approx. every 8-12 months)
Copper electrode: R450.00

Silver electrode: R650.00

This equates to little more than R90.00 per month

The Mermaid Pool Purifier ensures a hassle free swimming experience