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Testimonials: The Mermaid Pool Purifier

A drastic pool water improvement


Since my husband died almost 4 years ago the pool was neglected and went very green, it even had a few funny looking creatures swimming in the water. A friend suggested I contact Wayne at Mermaid to come and install one of his machines in my pool, which he did on 14 June 2014.

As you can see from the subsequent photos there has been a drastic improvement. I am a pensioner and I don’t have a clue how to look after a pool, I let the Mermaid do it for me. I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

Mrs. M Coetzee
Discovery – Roodepoort

Amazed by the Mermaid Pool Purifier

I have had the Mermaid for the past 5 years, and I am very happy with it. I travel a lot and for first time I have peace of mind that my pool remains clean with crystal clear water all year round, requiring no effort on my part. I hardly use any chemicals; only when there is heavy rain affecting the PH levels significantly. My dogs love drinking the water.

I have a relatively large pool (Approximately 110 000 litres), and I am amazed how well the Mermaid looks after my pool.

John Stevens

Saved a fortune on pool chemicals



I was introduced to Mermaid Pool Purifiers by a friend who has had one in operation for eight years.

I saw his pool which was perfect. He told me that the system had been trouble free (just an occasional replacement of the electrodes) and had saved him a fortune in pool chemicals.

I have now had my system in operation for 8 months and my son for 10 months, both have operated perfectly. From my experience it seems a great system.

James Inglis.

Efficient and cost effective


I have been using a Mermaid Pool Purifier for more than 10 years. Initially in Johannesburg and for the last 5 years in White River. It is efficient and cost effective, it keeps the pool clean, clear and free of algy once the Chlorine and Acid levels are adjusted to the correct levels.

I add a quarter cup of HTH and about the same of acid once a week, the one anode is replaced two or maximum three times a year and the other hardly ever.

Peter Thompson

Great experience

We first installed the Mermaid system in about 2007 (10 years ago). One of the very best things we ever did for our pool. It uses two electrodes that seem to only need replacing about once a year (50 000 litre pool) and a very minimal amount of chlorine when it rained and the pool went a bit green. With the new electrodes we use a floater on minimum (last about three months).

The great thing (aside from the minimal hassle) is that the water stays crystal clear and has so little chemical content that it is quite literally drinkable. We have happily used it to wash dishes when the occasional water cut-off has occurred. What is more no stinging eyes, no salty taste and no need to shower afterwards to get rid of chemical smell. Our garden loves it too as there is no chlorine to damage the plants or lawn. All backwash goes on to the garden.

We have absolutely no problems with the little black box which has lasted us (trouble free) since original installation. Service (replacement of electrodes) from Mermaid has been great We call once – they come promptly and are friendly and courteous. We recommended the system to two friends who were having problems keeping their pool water looking good. They have had the same experience -great service from Mermaid, sparkling fresh-water pools and a huge saving in annual cost of upkeep.

Both the system and Mermaid highly recommended.

Bill Buckle,
October 2017