Pool volume calculator

Your pool water may not be clear and blue due to poor filtration


Our pool volume calculator will help you establish how many litres of water your pool holds. To calculate you will need to know how deep and wide your pool is.

For your pool to be clear and blue, you will need to have the correct size pump and filter combination.

Knowing how many litres of water your pool holds will help you establish the correct combination for your pool size as shown below:

  • 20 – 50 000 litre pool = 0.45KW pump with 2-bag filter
  • 50 – 85 000 litre pool = 0.75KW pump with 3-bag filter
  • 85 – 150 000 litre pool = 1.1KW pump with 4-bag filter

The correct size pump and filter combination for your pool will assist you in achieving a clear and blue pool, use our calculator to establish your pool’s volume.


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